The Mindoro Biodiversity Information System (MBIS) is a component of the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Program that attempts to establish a comprehensive and integrated database on the unique and remarkable biodiversity of Mindoro. Using the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology as a tool in conservation, maps were generated in order to assess the status of remaining vegetation and some declared protected sites in the island either by the richness or paucity of existing wildlife.

Contained in this site are facts and information based on scientific studies done by local and foreign researchers and scientists. However, much as we desired to provide you information on all of Mindoro’s biodiversity, we can include in this system, only the four major terrestrial vertebrate groups (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) and partly of the plants. The invertebrates will have to be undertaken by some special experts in these groups of organisms who will also show the uniqueness of what can be found in this island.

Again, we do not claim to say that all the information that we have placed in here is complete. The data we gathered are from a great pile of references and from our own field works which have been relatively limited and focused on some priority areas with good vegetation cover. There are places, islands and peaks that we long to visit because we know that they house exciting discoveries. These information will have to wait. So far, we share what we have gathered to anyone who is interested, to all who love Mindoro and to all of the Mindoreños who have extended trust, goodwill, hospitality, care and love.

Mindoro Biodiversity Information System
Fauna and Flora International
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Sustained conservation of Mindoro’s Natural treasures for future generations


To lead scientific research and catalyze collaborative and participative conservation efforts in key biodiversity areas of Mindoro resulting in empowerment of Mindoreños through increased awareness and care

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